Top Fives: Forde Brookfield’s Top 5 Video Parts


“I first met Forde Brookfield skating the Boardroom on Wednesday evenings – he was into quirky transition skating and also loved making skate videos, so we got on really well. Over the years he has gone from strength to strength with his videos, released under the “Baghead Crew” moniker. These days he spends his time filming legends like Tom Penny and Chad Muska, acting as personal UK guide to members of the elusive Barrier Kult, and filming Dead Dave for Heroin Skateboards’ latest video “Earth Goblin”. I was beyond humbled when he agreed to write about his top 5 favourite video parts for this here blog, and he really knows his shit! Enjoy.“ – Ade

5. Ricky Oyola in “Eastern Exposure 3” 

 Certainly, not the least liked video part out of the five here. Ricky Oyola in “Eastern Exposure 3” (I’m actually watching it as I type this) is probably one of the only times I’ll be happy listening to Metallica. Black and white, Philly footage filled with long and enjoyable lines. Loads of bump to bars throughout. The longshot following line with the Ollie over the road gap, proceeded by the wallride to fakie as the song kicks in is beautiful. The entire part is great. I used to watch this part, followed by Mike Maldonado’s “Welcome to Hell” part, back to back. 

4. Jason Lee in Stereo’s “A Visual Sound”

The line with the Ollie over the bump to bar, with two pushes, a BS 180 over the barrel followed by quite simply the greatest Fakie Tre ever, is one of the reasons this video part makes the list. Aside from that, it’s a well rounded, enjoyable video part with a great song and some beautiful body posture. Saying that, anything Jason Lee put out for Stereo deserves to be on the list. So, please consider every bit of Jason Lee footage as the top spots filled.

3. Chewy Cannon in Blueprint’s “Make Friends with the Colour Blue”

A frequently re-visited video part. Chewy is rad, I met him a few times and he’s just a really pleasant guy. Skates really fast, too. The reason his MFWTCB sticks out (for me) is the song; Aluminum Dream by Strangers Calling was the one and only song written by the band. You can’t watch the video part and be inspired to use another song by the band because none exist. Not only an enjoyable part, but also has one of the rarest and greatest songs to accompany it.

2. Dead Dave

Any footage of Dead Dave. Skating with Dead Dave, watching Dead Dave skate, filming Dead Dave. Anything Dead Dave is fucking great. Easily in my top 5.

1. Chris Atherton in “Shit On The Lens”

The part (and one of the only skateboarders) I tend to frequently watch is Chris Atherton. Better known simply as Avi. Every time I watch an Avi part, or clip, it reminds me about how fun skateboarding used to be. I can watch Avi footage back to back and still be inspired to skate, try something out of my comfort zone and have as much fun as possible.

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