Concrete Jungle

The Terrible Company didn’t start as a Coventry scene blog, and it isn’t one now, but at some point in the middle I was basically collating everything that happened in Cov skateboarding through blog posts, videos and write ups. Even back then, it was hard to capture everything going on, and in 2019 it makes sense that I wouldn’t even bother describing this thing as a scene blog; it’s become a lot more personal than it ever was before and the name makes a lot more sense now than it did as a scene blog. In the age of social media, a skate scene can be well documented across multiple Instagram accounts. With that in mind, here are 5 Instagram accounts that are documenting the modern era of Coventry Skateboarding



The Coventry Skateboarding account is ran, funnily enough, by another guy called Adrian. Adrian is another Cov OG who was around back when The Terrible Company first started, and is well versed in filming skateboarding, as well as being one of Cov’s most naturally gifted street skaters. The insta account he runs offers a varied, wide cross section of skateboarding in and around Coventry, including footage of visiting pro skaters who have done tricks on spots most of us wouldn’t dream of hitting (e.g Joe Hinson hitting up the Forum 14 handrail!!!). Not only is there a decent output of footage from Ade’s cam, but he quite often shares a lot of stuff from various Cov locals, embodying a collaborative spirit which is the sign of any great scene! The idea of sharing clips from as many skaters of varying skill levels provides gets you stoked on skating and it’s something the #covskate account does incredibly well.



The female contingent of skateboarding has been steadily on the rise over the last 10 years, whether it’s pro skaters like Nora Vasconcellos or Lizzie Armanto putting parts out just as good as (or sometimes better than) their male counterparts, child prodigies like Sky Brown competing in every competition under the sun (and getting onto team GB in the process), or other efforts to increase representation and carve out a place for women in skateboarding like GirlSkateUK or Plank Zine. With this in mind, women’s skateboarding seems to be going through a huge punk underground movement with crews of female skateboarders coming together to represent the women in their scene – with femskate.cov being Coventry’s answer to this. The account is ran by Kyleigh, Aeona and Poppy, with an open and welcoming vibe, really showcasing what skateboarding should be: fun and creative. They were even interviewed on BBC Cov & Warks radio about their insta, putting their stamp on Cov skateboarding!


spirephotography_ & coventryfilmarchive

I’m gonna be honest here and admit I’m not much of a photographer. My wheelhouse is graphic design and video editing, so I’ve always relied on others to take good photos for the blog. Cov has produced some rad skate photographers, including Garry Jones, Ryan Bradley, Tom Illsley and of course Alex Burrell, but the newer generation of skaters have fully embraced photography, mixing all manner of photographic media to document Coventry skateboarding. Two insta accounts to watch in this respect are spirephotography and coventryfilmarchive – documenting a lot of the street skating happening in Cov. Spire partly acts as a personal blog for local shredder Sam as well, where he recently documented his trip abroad and some of the rad skating he encountered.



I talk a lot about the great work that the Cov Skatepark Project have done, and whilst their insta is worth following, their social media presence has been quiet, with Lucas and the team largely contributing toward other scene blogs and insta accounts like the ones mentioned above. The War Memorial Ramp Renovation campaign, however, are very active on Instagram, not only campaigning for a better skatepark, but acting as a space to represent the locals and scene down Covpark. The account does two jobs; showing that the skatepark has a healthy and active scene, despite a lot of older more experienced skaters not wanting to us the skatepark, and showing the issues and problems local kids encounter from using the skatepark. Similar to femskate.cov, the account also represents women’s skateboarding with some young shredders showing Cov skateboarding is for everyone!

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