//www.instagram.com/embed.js“,”poster”:[{“url”:”https://66.media.tumblr.com/ca9a118d6addee0c4849446d2e108b40/tumblr_pp4nabMJtC1qaith0_540.jpg”,”type”:”image/jpeg”,”width”:480,”height”:480}],”attribution”:{“type”:”app”,”url”:”https://instagram.com/p/BvkaFLLlAGj”,”app_name”:”instagram”,”display_text”:”thelangran – Been a while off the board with a dodgy knee, stoked to get back into the sessions and put a new one down. Cab fs nosegrind, @jimtskin on the 📷”}}’>


Jim Langran is back on his board and learning within his first session back learnt this banger. Go and watch the last vid we put out, “Franchise”, to see more of Langran’s wizardry in his team up part with Joe Skin!

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