//www.instagram.com/embed.js“,”poster”:[{“url”:”https://66.media.tumblr.com/41efc4bf760d98735af45cbbc64df5f9/tumblr_pk3glg1SjM1qaith0_540.jpg”,”type”:”image/jpeg”,”width”:480,”height”:480}],”attribution”:{“type”:”app”,”url”:”https://instagram.com/p/Brp0ErVl9y_”,”app_name”:”instagram”,”display_text”:”thenocomplynetwork – Everybody knows Ragdoll’s bit in @blacklabelskates ‘Black Out’ was Something Else G.n-nViva Las Very Heavy Shit ✅✅✅nDrop in Insanity✅✅nFirecrackers Down Double Sets ✅✅ A Willing and Ruthless Disregard For His and Your Safety✅✅✅✅✅✅ -nHe did fucked up tricks and was a kinda pioneer of doing intensely big tricks over and over until he got them.n-nHe’s a lot like any artist but his canvas was stairs and handrails and his paint was his blood sweat and tears. -nHe always put it together somehow.n-nHere’s the best bit from his part.”}}’>


When I first started skateboarding, one of the first videos I got was Blackout.

The first section in Blackout was from Anthony “Ragdoll” Scalamere; who did mental drop-in’s, firecracker’s and threw himself at massive gaps. Ragdoll was my fucking hero when I was 17 and I tried to dress like him and skate like him – firecrackering stairs, throwing myself at gaps I knew I could never ollie, and dropping in on weird banks with sketchy roll outs. Before I realised I wasn’t actually very good at skating street, Ragdoll inspired me to skate street in a different way.

Dunno where the guy is now, but his Blackout part is still fucking rad.

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