When did skateboarding become about boosting yourself, no matter who you fuck over, or no matter who you make feel fucking awful? What part of skateboarding dictates that people must give you everything and pander to your every need? I thought skateboarding was a family, but it’s a fucking parasite, and most people in it are there to bleed you dry – creatively, financially, even sometimes literally.

I’ve been part of the problem for too long. I’m fucking sick of skateboarding. But I love to skate, and I love being creative, and there are a small sub-section of the community who make skateboarding worthwhile. 

Skateboarding has become too full of ego, too full of self-entitlement, and an undeserved sense of accomplishment. Men in suits clapping at utilising skateboarding to increase their profit margins. Skateboarders fucking over other skateboarders because they want some of that Palace money. The sense of family is gone and I’m so fucking tired of it. Depression runs rampant yet everyone is too busy trying to think how they can own a small part of the giant skateboarding money train to check on other skateboarders and actually make sure they are OK. Everyone is too busy asking “What’s in it for me?”. Everyone hides it behind banter and bottled up aggression. Skateboarding is meant to be fun – so why is everyone so shit to each other?

The Terrible Company – a company with no team and no profits.

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