The Terrible Company are going on a break. Not dead (not like last time) – just going on a break. The Terrible Company’s mission has always been to provide you with “the worst skateboarding content”, or “to make your life worse”. Overall the current world we live in is pretty shit so the idea of providing anyone with something to make life worse feels redundant and unnecessary.

The truth is it was a buffer I used to avoid doing something good with it – and to avoid valid criticism for how I film/edit/do graphics (if someone hates your stuff you can always just say it’s supposed to be shit and you’re supposed to hate it).

At the core it’s not who I am. It’s not what skateboarding should be. And it’s not what The Terrible Company should be. The world has enough negativity. The Terrible Company is going on a break, but in future it’ll only be Terrible by name only.

Be excellent to one another. Skate as much as you can. Support everything good in the world.

– Ade

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