Time for an old classic…

Terribleco’s 2009 vid Batface used to be online in it’s entirety on a website called MPora (for those of you who don’t remember, it was an action sports focused rival to Youtube ran by Factory Media, the company who published Sidewalk). At some point, they cut their losses and realised they couldn’t compete with Youtube, so they re-branded as a very corporate looking lifestyle blog, with little mention of skateboarding and much mention of hiking and activities with mainstream appeal. With this re-brand all of the videos on the website disappeared, and were lost forever.

So if you were missing Batface in any way, I decided to re-upload it on Vimeo (which, I hope, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon). To make the whole HOUR LONG video easier to digest I’m going to split it up into chunks.

Part 1 of Batface includes the intro, and full parts from Lewis Homer, Chris Mander and Becky Jaques.

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