Two steps forward, one step back

So we had some unfortunate news regarding the Cov Skatepark Project. Main man Davey can sum it up for you:


This is obviously a bummer and sets the project back a bit. The reality of a new skatepark in cov, finally built with modern sensibilities with the skaters as the driving force (as opposed to skaters being a group the council briefly consults before choosing whatever crap skatepark they think is best value) was so close we could taste it. This time, it was not meant to be.

The CSP guys have approached so many angles with this – the old Zero G building was a possibility at one point, however the building is a shambles and would be far more effort to renovate than it’s worth.

The ultimate goal ot acquiring the space under the ring road – linked to skatepark projects as far back as the late 90’s and early 2000’s – seems to be fraught with roadblocks as well for the time being.

Things were so close to working out this time that it is so frustrating to see it reset to square one. However every time Cov goes through this quest for a new skatepark, more people get angry about a lack of facilities, the scene gets larger, those running the campaign grow twofold. Back in 2008/2009, it was just me and a couple of others, now it’s most of the cov scene and even people further out in Warwickshire.

Ultimately red tape can only stand in the way of demand for so long. And each time this path gets followed, eventually we’re going to reach the destination, because every time Cov and it’s skate scene follow this path, they get closer and closer.


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