This is a standard reaction from non-skaters towards this kind of graffiti.

They may not realise it but the “vandals” are doing them a favour. Metal ramps from GBH and the other shit playground companies masquerading as skatepark builders should not exist in 2017 and any council getting duped into building metal ramps needs their head examined.

It still surprises me that anyone who is opening council coffers to pay for these parks can look at graffiti that plainly says “weak transitions” and scratch their head as to why someone would tag that on a ramp. Metal ramps rust, they make a shit tonne of noise, and in summer (when they likely get the most use) they can get hot enough to fry an egg on.

Why that kind’ve shit hasn’t made it’s way into a newspaper is a mystery. Instead these nobheads just seem care about a bit of yellow paint!

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