I’ve been quiet on the blog for a while now. We went to Japan, where Chris Mander told me he is definitely gonna start skating again when he moves back to England (which is great, co Chris is rad and he is really good at skateboarding). But also;

– I’ve been busy helping Walker and Wildman organise the first Vicki Park comp on this Saturday (June 24th)!! The event kicks off at 11am, and we’ll have competitions, BBQ food and general skateboarding related fun throughout the day.
– On Sunday, Cov Skatepark Project are holding a demo at the Monks Kirby Midsummer Fair in Rugby. They are reaching out into Warwickshire to raise awareness for the cause and to show the demand for a top quality skatepark in Coventry.
– Terribleco has undergone a slight blue and pink rebrand, because; Summer, 80’s, cool stuff.
– New archives is in the works. Yes, i’m still finding ways to make new content out of old footage.
– New video is in the works; gathering footage at a rapid pace, and have a nice shiny new editing rig and new camera. No more filming with Microsoft Phones! I’m going to find some ways to get some more shorter edits out there so it’s not 3 months between videos.

And that’s all. Enjoy the heat wave and if you haven’t realised: it’s go skateboarding day! Having said that do NOT push yourself to skate if it means heat exhaustion – THAT SHIT IS NASTY.

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