This is a headline from the Daily Mail. I shared this story on the Terribleco facebook page yesterday, but I wanted to go into a bit more detail about my disdain for this kind of bullshit.

Alright, Daily Mail and it’s associated readerbase, listen up, you dumb ass, NIMBY, judgemental pricks. I know you’re quick to point out how the world is going to shit, how immigrants are going to steal all of our jobs and how you fully support the likes of Theresa May and her extremely refreshing style of leadership which involves doing fuck all and spouting bullshit that doesn’t actually mean anything like “Red, White & Blue Brexit”. The idea that you would think that pool skating is somehow a NEW thing is actually pretty believeable considering how blind and clueless you fucks are on a daily basis.

You know what fucking pisses me off? British media still thinking that skateboarding is something only 15 year olds do. Comments from Daily Mail and it’s idiotic readerbase about how skateboarders in their 30′s should “grow up and get a job”. Tell that to the fucking footballers, golfers and tennis player’s you spend your weekends sat in an armchair watching. Tell that to the 40 year olds who go out and play football in their local park every fucking Sunday. Fuck what you’re idea of “growing up” is, because if it doesn’t involve skateboarding, then it’s absolutely boring. Yeah, sure, let’s give up all the creativity and freedom skateboarding has given me and do absolutely fuck all with my time.

I’m tired of Daily Mail reading baby boomers taking a “our children are better off not seen OR heard” attitude towards any generation below them – acting like we aren’t worthy of enjoyment or an identity of our own. I’m tired of this bullshit attitude that includes banning skateboarders from locations (looking at you COVENTRY CITY COUNCIL), when they have nowhere else adequate to go. I’m tired of these kind of pricks telling SKATEBOARDERS where to skate, telling SKATEBOARDERS what constitutes a skatepark, telling SKATEBOARDERS that what they have is good enough, and they shouldn’t seek out anything interesting to skate.

Let’s get something straight, you Daily Mail chucklefucks – your disdain, your shock, your disbelief of how a 30 year old skateboarder can exist, and how they can see a new use for a rich asshole’s pool, is laughable. It’s a clear sign that you don’t understand something which is now an Olympic Sport, which is a multi-billion dollar industry, that actually has a thriving industry in your own back yard. It’s a clear sign, as always, that no matter how much acceptance skateboarding gets, no matter how legit it becomes, there will be a group of people who will post bullshit like that Daily Mail article.

By the way, football is fucking shit.

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