We’re proud to announce 3 more partners for Hibernate Skate 2017!

First, we have Country Club Store. Country is a new clothing brand from long time Terribleco homie, giver of internet banter and all round ripper Joe Morris.

Next, there’s the Cov Skatepark Project. This is ran by Davey Walmsley, who was integral to the work Terribleco did with the council when we were campaigning for a new skatepark in Coventry. He’s carried the torch and is getting very close to providing Cov with an indoor park.

Last, but no means least, there’s Ride. Ride are long time friends of Terribleco, and have supported us from day one – one of the best skater owned shops out there, and ran by Cov legend Jim T Skin and his brother Darren.

Remember to get yourself registered for the comp – and by no means are we done with partners yet, there are more to reveal over the course of the weekend!

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