We’re proud to announce that Terribleco and a few of our homies are bringing back HIBERNATE SKATE. #franchisereboot

What is Hibernate Skate? It’s a “King Of The Road” style competition that spans the darkest months of Winter (December through to Febuary), where teams compete to create the biggest, baddest skate edit. Every team is given a lengthy list of challenges that must be completed on film. Submit your edit by the deadline, prove you’ve got the most points, and walk away as champions. Sounds simple? Check out Terribleco’s 2010 edit for an example of the kind of madness that occurs during the comp.

I’ll be providing a more official list of details throughout the month, but the current plan is to kick off the comp on December 1st! If you’re totally excited to see the return of Hibernate Skate and want in, simply email me at ade.cottrell@gmail.com.

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