It’s 2016. With the amount of skateparks popping up, and the amount of kids who get into riding skateparks now, you’d think people would start to understand how these spaces work.

I can’t believe I’m seeing kids with more sense than fully grown adults at skateparks. I can’t believe that I’m seeing a fully grown man carrying a plastic bag and a hoverboard across Radlands plaza straight into the way of a guy doing a backside tailslide. This fucker gives the lad doing the tailslide the dirtiest look when the board shoots off and goes straight into his shin. You have walked straight into the way of someone using this skatepark for it’s intended purpose, and you are acting like the guy on the skateboard is the fucking problem. Swagger yourself out of the fucking way and GET IN THE SEA.

I’m watching Al Walker tanking it toward a bank, when a woman in her forties walks past with a granny bike completely oblivious to the guy with glasses speeding toward her on a skateboard. Walker is shouting “OUT OF THE WAY, OUT OF THE WAY, FOR FUCK’S SAKE GET OUT OF THE WAY”. Even 5 year old scooter kids know that this is a sign to MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. How these fully grown adults ever got this far in life I will never know. It’s a surprise they are still alive.

The complete disregard these people have for their own safety is only eclipsed by the complete lack of safety they have for their own child. I watched one kid on a little mountain bike roll backwards off a bank, fall over and smack his head on the floor, and he bursts out crying. His dad, rather than comfort the kid, swaggers over and shouts “Nah, get up, you’re alright”. How about you check the kid’s head and see if he’s got concussion rather than brushing it off so you can sit at the side of the park with your mate whilst you blaze up a zoot and drink a can of special brew, you fucking eejit.

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