Culture Skatepark Facebook Page

Let me stress something for you all. Skatepark is short for Skateboard Park. Sure, we’ve let the BMXers, bladers and some sound scooter kids in over the last 50 years of skateboarding history, but by no means should skateparks be a means for greedy fad-followers to cash in on our sport. Skateparks are meant to be ran by the people who ride them, as they are the only ones with the dedication, know-how and passion to keep the thing running during the bad times. Without these people, the Skateboarders, Rollerbladers and BMXers (and who knows, maybe even scooter riders of tomorrow) who are passionate about their sport, and willing to put in so much effort for their scene, most indoor skateparks in this country wouldn’t still exist. Parks like the House, the Boardroom (which I hope will continue with it’s awesome quality of service under the new management), and the Works have stuck around because the guys in charge are passionate about their sport, their scene and most of all, the people riding their parks. A good skatepark treats it’s members like family – And Culture Skatepark is using this as a backbone for everything we do. 

Do me a favour and like the Facebook page. We aren’t in this for the money (I’m not even getting paid for my work on it) and we aren’t in this to provide for some spoilt kid. We’re in this because skateparks are a part of who we are, and we want to share a bit of that with all of you. 


Culture Skatepark Facebook Page

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