Quick news update

This week in the Terribleco news;

  • Funkyst Wear’s “skate” logo is the official Terribleco X Funkyst collab graphic. They’re going to be doing a limited run of t-shirts – Grey shirt with Black graphic, and Red shirt with White graphic. More news on this soon.
  • Got a few short webclip video parts in the works. Rather than clog up Cannonball Holocaust with extra full parts (and risk making the video way too long e.g. Batface), I’ll be releasing full parts for a few chaps with the abundance of footage I’ve collected. 4 Horsemen is an offshoot of this – you can also expect to see a full webclip part from Harry Myers and Joe Morris.
  • Let’s cut through the bullshit. The “secret plan” I mentioned a few months back that was related to a questionnaire was in-fact plans for an indoor skatepark in Coventry. Emily has been pushing this forward with Youth Services and the Prince’s Trust for the past ¾ months, and with the Olympics approaching the council want to be seen to be providing facilities for active youngsters, so are seriously backing the idea. We’ve recently joined forces with a couple of Rollerbladers from Kenilworth who have been working on the same idea over the last few months – add them on Facebook and keep up to date with the progress.
  • Covtown Clash has taken somewhat of a hiatus recently due to weather, the road trip, and Ollie Deeley being a massive wimp. Rules are as follows, if you say you’re going to be out for a game of skate and fail to turn up three times, you forfeit your place and a reserve stands in for you. In other Clash news, Zac Parkinson has footage from Tony Lui and Ethan Bryan’s game – it’s on it’s way (in some form…).

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