Things have gone quiet again. Time to update y’all;

  • Terribleco’s 2012 road trip has been sorted for April. Ade The Terrible, Emily Martin, Tom Illsley, Kyle Smith, Ralph Cooper, Hanananah Craig, Braddersaurus Flex & McGhie. Possibly meeting up with Joxa, Slasher Sam, Tom Carr and some other Bristol chaps. Expect a full edit of the trip from Illsley sometime in May.
  • Cannonball Holocaust & The 4 Horsemen have both been moving forward slowly. Now the weather is improving both projects are going to hit the fast forward button. New Cannonball Holocaust trailer is on the way, with a more definite release time than “Done when it’s done”.
  • Kenilworth Skatepark continue to dominate the West Midlands sector for Britvic’s Transform Your Patch scheme. By winning in this sector they bag an extra £22K for their skatepark extension, and are also currently in the top 3 for votes on skatepark projects in the scheme. If they win that they bag a further £100K; so get onto the facebook page and keep up to date with the votes.
  • Terribleco have a (not so) secret mega-project we’re working on, and today Emily is meeting with Youth Services and council officials to discuss possible backing. We already have the support of the Princes Trust and we are looking for the conditions to be right before we can move forward. This is a big one, chaps; the culmination of almost 10 years of Cov scene tomfoolery, and working to put Cov’s name on the map as a hub for skateboarding.
  • Joe Morris is still fired from Terribleco.

That is all.

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