replaced me already then ade!” – Garry Jones

Unfortunately, no one could ever replace Garry Jones, but somebody has to step into his shoes and provide us with some photos! If we left it all down to McGhie he’d never have time to do hardflips everywhere. It’s for this reason, that Ryan Bradley is gonna be officially providing us with still images from Coventry’s skate scene.

On top of Ryan’s official position onboard the good ship Terrible, we are also proud to announce the subject of the above photo, Lucas Healey (seen performing a Krooked Grind in Coventry city centre), is now officially part of the Terribleco crew – his contributions and support towards the Cov scene recently cemented his place as a contributor towards this very blog. First, he outright killed every spot in the city centre. Secondly, he got a load of amazing tricks for Red Cross Episode 1. Thirdly, he’s more than impressed me with his filming and editing skills. And finally, he stepped up and approached us to skate and film for our Hibernate team. What can I say, the kid’s got potential!

Whilst we’re on the subject of talented video editors – Martin Orton has got himself a tumblr, following his quality video project featuring Andy Clare. He’ll be posting more of his Test Subject edits up there, so keep an eye on it!

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