I’ve been real busy sorting out Covpark Combat 5. The comp goes down tomorrow (provided the weather stays on our side), and starts at 12. We’ll be taking names of those of you who want to compete, with the game of S.K.A.T.E going down first (probably starting at between 12.30 and 12.45), followed by the BMX best trick, and then the skateboard best trick – after it’s all done we’ll also be giving away some prizes to everyone in the yearly product toss (the same product toss where Cameron Wye got knocked out whilst trying to get a t-shirt… hopefully we won’t see that again this year). Get down to Covpark tomorrow if you’re keen to win prizes from Terribleco, Ride Skate and BMX shop, Decimal Skateshop, shutupandskate, Magna Cru, Vagynamyte Clothing and possibly also Haunting Skateboards (their stuff is currently in the post on it’s way to me…. if it’s not here in time we’ll be doing a special giveaway here on the blog next week!).

We’ll also have the skatepark plans from Gravity on show to generate support for our skatepark extension. This is really the main reason the comp is going ahead this year – we’re reinforcing the need for a bigger facility and showing how large the scene in Cov has become. Hopefully the day will be a lot of fun, so once again, make sure you’re at Covpark for 12 tomorrow!!!

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