Martin, Andy, DJ, Foy, Moose, Ryan, Ade

Sunday – chilled out session at Covpark (even though I looked quite relaxed on that mini ramp, I tore the shit out of my hands and knees, and got a ridiculous heel bruise that still plagues me today). 

Summer sessions down Covpark can sometimes be rather awesome, with about 30-40 people all crammed into the skatepark at the same time. We’ve even had occasions when events (like Covpark Combat or the Godiva Festival) attract up to 80 people just to our small concrete park. With our campaign still in progress to extend and improve this 10 year old facility, we’re hoping chilled out sessions like this will grow bigger and better in later years. For the latest news on what’s happening with the Covpark extension, check out “The Skatepark Situation” tab in the sidebar!

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