My girlfriend Emily has begun to do a daily comic called “The Experience Paradox”. So far she’s done 3, and they’re all extremely comical, and cast a wry eye at the “graduate” situation. If you simply don’t find this kind of stuff relate-able, then let’s just put it this way; imagine paying almost £10,000 to end up in a situation where it’s incredibly hard to get a job because of over-saturation in specific fields, you’re constantly told you don’t have enough experience to get entry level jobs, and everyone thinks you’ve spent 4 years of your life being a tax-dodging, free-loading drunkard. This, my friends, is what it’s like to be an ex-student (hope you’re looking forward to it, current Coventry and Warwick University students).

Hopefully we’ll see a blog or some sort of website where these will be collected together for mass viewing.

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