Hibernate Skate update

I’d like to keep our cards close to our chest… I don’t want people knowing how far we’ve got with the challenges and knowing if they’re beating us or whatever, but I’ll give a few details of some of the challenges we’ve managed to put down.

The 18 trick team run was completed by myself (Ade).

The “drop in a mini ramp, flip trick in the flat bottom, and rock fakie the other side” challenges was completed by Ralph Cooper.

We’ve successfully made Joxa a cup of tea.

Joxa has done a 1 footed rock fakie.

If you add those up, you’ll still be no where near the amount of points we have. We’ve done bare challenges. However, it’s not about points and it’s not about prizes, it’s about fun, and I can tell you we’re having tons of it.

Big props to Andrew Scott for sorting this whole thing out!

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