Terribleco Video 10; Nugget(s) of information, pt 3

Several names for the video have been thrown around – but we’ve settled on one. Here are the names Terribleco Video Number 10 could’ve had;

“Harlequin” – that’s the Batman villain reference I mentioned in a previous post.


“Guitar Solos With Skateboards: The Meltdown”

“Fat Cat Weasel Hammer”

“Chevy Chase’s Cruiseship Holocaust”

“The Terribleco Video”

“Ten” – would’ve been good if there wasn’t already a Pearl Jam album of the same name.

After much umming and ahhing, the name for the video finally materialised today, as suggested by Emily Martin. The video is called “No Comply for Old Men”. Coming 2011. Holla.

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