Terribleco Video 10; Nugget(s) of information, pt 2

Joxa and Chris Mander, sharing the spotlight. More disasters and tailblocks than you can shake a stick at. It’s happening, believe it.

Rosko is gonna give you the gnarliest minute and a half of your life. Harry Myers is gonna give you slightly more.

Moose is undertaking the Terribleco initiation test for groms; 1st section of the video.

Other full sections from my Terrible self, Joe Skin and Tez Aldersley. And these three sections will appear in the video in the order I’ve typed them. Does this mean Tez is getting last section? Maybe. If I said that I wanted to try and do a last section with someone who hasn’t had last section before does that make it any easier to figure it out?

I have a possible name for the video. If you want a clue, look at Batman villains. After some extensive customer research I’ll decide if that’s the name for the vid.

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