Ade’s Review Of Alex McGhie’s “Board Feel”

So as a slight preview of Moose’s video (which I just watched thanks to the wonders of “memory sticks”), here’s my short review.

In the intro, I just seem to be making faces of disapproval.

It starts off with music that was popular about 5 years ago. It’s good music so it’s not a big deal.

There is footage of me stating that we’re lost. I never get lost. What you see on screen is a lie.

A cat falls victim to an airhorn. It’s hilarious.

Slasher Sam does a frontside ollie totally over coping. My head almost exploded after seeing that.

There’s lots of footage of Tony doing lien tails. This is good.

Gnarly Gnick is in it. He is the key to Cov skate video gold.

There’s a good 2 minutes worth of curb skating in the whole video. I love curb skating, it’s rad.

There’s a crazy bit where loads of random powerslides and tailblockslides down a hill are played after each other in quick succession. Even though it was rad as fuck, it made me laugh because it was like my eyes were being assaulted by powerslides and tailblockslides. This is probably the only way to portray those tricks on film, as it makes them 10 times more gnarly because it’s fast, in your face and completely mental.

The last trick is pretty epic. It might even be better than Cthulhu’s last trick.

Overall, it’s a sick video and I enjoyed it. You lot can look forward to seeing it on Thursday evening at 7ish.

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