So I’ve become aware that I’ve been bumming Harry and Tony too much recently. Literally everything on the blog over the last week or so has been related to them and how much they rule. Therefore, I’ve decided to start up a new feature, designed to give other guys some recognition and to make sure that everyone gets a blog post about them on the Terribleco site. The feature in question is called;


And the first person I’m going to “big up” (selected randomly from the Cov skaters who are on Facebook as I type this), is Ollie Deeley. Seriously, you can’t be called Ollie and not be a skateboarder. It’s the law. Ralph told me that he knew someone at school called Ollie Manual once. No lie.

Ollie’s been making videos with some other dudes from Covpark, much like how me and Rosko started Terribleco. Only difference is these guys are better at skating than I was at their age. Keep up the good work, Ollie, and I’ll embarrass him even further by posting up an edit of him skating parks in the Cov and Kenilworth area. Enjoy.

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