Little bit of site news

This is mainly boring stuff for geeks, if you were expecting some skateboarding then I apologise.

Recently I’ve been getting tired with the traditional Terribleco logo that you see at the top of this page. That logo has been the traditional “no bullshit” logo that I use for Terribleco’s video idents, DVD packaging, event flyers and other promotional crap. Basically, it’s THE Terribleco logo. The Judas Priest stuff, the Anti-Hero stuff and the Megadeth stuff… all gimmicks. Anyway, because I’ve been getting bored of the Terribleco logo, I’ve decided a change is in order. I’ve been at work on Illustrator, trying to come up with something new. Once my carefully selected focus group gets back to me I’ll see if my ideas have provided us with something new and awesome.

This is only step one, however. It’s been a long time coming, but this is the start of the inevitable 2010 rebrand of Terribleco. New logo, new kind of style, new(ish) site. Basically I’m going to give this blog page an overhaul, play with the splash page, and finally get round to creating an awesome new video library page (that I actually finish this time). Keep your eyes peeled for more as it happens.

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