Bitchy McBitchatron

So I’ve been just looking about on the internet, actually trying to find new blogs from around the midlands area in an attempt to give some hard working people their fair share of props. From stumbling upon a blog which I was just about to give a shout out to, I discovered a post that was bigging up some guys in Coventry for doing some good work and trying to push our scene further. At first I thought “Oh cool! Good stuff, those guys definitely deserve props”. However, this very post appeared to say that this very city has so many people who aren’t willing to help push the scene forward, and that is constantly fails and won’t get better without the core individuals who were receiving praise. I have no idea if the post was even meant to be worded the way it was, but from a personal standpoint I took offence to it. 

Not trying to toot my own horn here, but since Terribleco’s DVD’s have been getting reviews in Sidewalk and a lot of Cov heads have been attending events and trying to “mesh” with the rest of the UK scene, I’ve been personally trying my hardest to get this city noticed. I’m not saying that no one else is allowed to do that, in fact I welcome it with open arms, as more hands make lighter work. The thing I’m annoyed about is that everything I’ve put into Coventry skateboarding seems to have been apparently summarised as failure – in other words, the blog I was reading skimmed over anything I’ve done completely as if the work I produce somehow doesn’t matter and doesn’t give back to our scene.

No one else seemed to have the time and effort to go to the council and make connections to try and push forward for a new skatepark, no one appeared to be organising a yearly comp at our most used skatepark to bring everyone together, and most of all I tried my hardest to make a website, brand and handful of films that go against the very insular and lazy nature of this city. As I said, I would love more people to be creative and do exactly what I’m doing (and more), and as more skaters appear in Cov that is happening. With more creativity will hopefully come more skateparks and celebration of skateboarding in general. I don’t want people to bow down and thank me for what I do, however I’m offended that people choose to simply ignore the effort I have personally put into Coventry skateboarding just because my interests, work, methods or priorities are different from theirs.

Don’t like how I do things? That’s fine, but don’t ignore the tiring amount of effort I’ve put into something I love.

(Rant over) 

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