Cthulhu Information Nuggets

It’s about time that I actually post something of use on this blog instead of just giving props to people and posting stupid photos. Here’s some concrete information for you about the new TerribleCo video Cthulhu;

Filming has been slow and somewhat annoying with the cold and wet weather. I have a wealth of footage from the boardroom, which leads me to my first info nugget; This video has a full friends section with footage solely from indoor parks (mainly the Boardroom). This was mainly a way to get all of the indoor park footage out of the way in one section and give props to the parks that have allowed us to skate throughout the winter.

The video is a long, long way from being finished (as can only be expected at this point as I only finished Batface in October last year), but I’ve finally decided who is getting full parts. There’s been a few key decisions based on Harry’s Video (which is also in the works), after all, we wouldn’t want 2 videos with full parts from the exact same people. So, without further ado, here’s the break down of who will be getting parts of some capacity in “Cthulhu”;

First thing that was decided was that Chris Mander and Joxa needed full proper parts, as Joxa’s Batface part left a lot of people wanting more, and Chris Mander’s last two sections haven’t pleased him. He’s desperately been craving some serious “gnar-gnar” time on screen. He’s getting first section, but what you’ll be seeing from him is some full length severe transition killing! The other big decision, which was partly affected by Harry’s video, was that I wanted to film a mini ramp section with Harry in his back garden. He’s filming a full part for himself at various spots and parks around the Coventry area, so I didn’t want to mimic that section, but I still wanted everyone to see some of the completely insane lip tricks he can do. Seriously, Harry Myers can do so many lip tricks that I honestly don’t think his imagination has any boundaries; he reminds me of a young Greg Nowik!

The second thing I decided when planning this video was that I didn’t want to give Rosko or myself full parts. It’s a big step, as me and Rosko (being the OG members of the Terrible Co clan) have had full parts since the very first video that I made back in 2003. Rather than whack our footage into the friends section, I’ve planned to just combine the footage into a joint section. Rosko is always a firm favourite with anyone who watches a Terribleco video, so I didn’t want to cut him out completely, and my Batface section was stupidly long (as I had decided back before Batface that I didn’t want to make any super long sections for myself, I thought I might as well take the piss and give everyone a stupidly long Ade The Terrible section to finish it off). So far it’s looking pretty good, and it’ll cut out my shit tricks that I always cringe at, leaving pure gnar.

I wanted to give Josh Walters another full part, as he’s awesome. So he’s gonna have a full length part (much longer than his Batface part), with some serious gnarl going down. After assigning 5 full sections I didn’t want to really give out anymore, as I wanted Cthulhu to be shorter (as a major complaint about Batface, as well as many other Terribleco videos, is that they are slightly too long) – Guitar Solos With Skateboards was the one video I thought was a good length. Because of this I aimed to try and copy the same layout, as well as maybe putting in 1 or 2 shorter sections like half of the sections in Batface. The 2 short sections of the video have been awarded to Ralph Cooper and Mofugga, as I wanted to put in some “yo yo flip trick grind a ledge baggy jeans tech mother fucker” bits in to break up the non-stop slash-grind-a-thon that the other full parts are going to provide.

Like Batface, Cthulhu will feature horror movie clips galore, as well as some arty bullshit which is more “what the fuck” material than art. I’ve been heavily influenced by Chris Morris’ Jam as of late and I have some plans to film some truly odd skits to flesh the video out. I’m going to try and do some video diary type things when I film some of this stuff. I might even do some video interviews with those receiving full parts, just so I can give you all some insight into what I’m actually doing with this video, as right now there’s nowt coming from the Terribleco camp and I feel kind of lazy.

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