Maniac Houseguest 2 is coming…

The sequel to Mehul Godfry’s infamous “Maniac Houseguest”, which was a ban (according to his official Vimeo Profile), is in the pre-production stage. At the minute leading actors have been secured and filming is set to commence this weekend. There has been no sighting of the director himself, but we’re sure Godfry will communicate with us either from beyond the grave (where he’s meant to be) or from his secret hiding place in Swaziland. Either way, the sequel to Maniac Houseguest, which is to be named “Home of Phobia” is going ahead.

Story details are sparse (there’s no telling if the film will even have a story), but from what we hear the story revolves around yet another dinner party at a house where your worst phobia’s come to life. There may also be some gay-bashing involved, but I can’t think of a reason why a film called “Home of Phobia” would even feature such mindless anti-homosexual themes. Returning characters do not include the pink haired American guy from the first film, as he died, but there is a character who looks very similar to him. The lady homeowner from the first film WILL be returning, but the actress who played her (Anabell Deanie) has gone through some heavy plastic surgery, as well as changing her name to Emily Martin.

Look out for more information when Mehul Godfry sends it to us via carrier pigeon.

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